T90 Toroidal Satellite Dish

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DESCRIPTION of  T90 Torodial Satellite Dish

Using a Toroidal dish, They are designed to reflect signals twice through the main reflector and a sub reflector, forming a focal line created by focal points along the bottom of the main reflector, making Toroidal 90 function as a multi-beam antenna that receives broadcasts & communication satellites at the same time

No LNBs or Wall/Ground mount included.

  • Perfect for Multi satellite installation for up-to 16 satellites
  • Much superior to using a motor. Instant satellite changes 
  • T90 has the same effectiveness of 90 cm (38 inches) dish for each LNBF installed.
  • T90 can accommodate up to 16 LNBFs.
  • T90 can cover up to 40 degrees in arc (60 degrees in azimuth)
  • Far superior to a Motorised system as the Satellite switches instantly.
  • 5 LNB holders are included, extra LNB holders are available.

Note: Sometimes other branded T90 Toroidal satellite dishes are in stock, the quality is the same.

Eficient ☆☆☆☆☆
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