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Satellite Finder Kit

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DESCRIPTION of Satellite Finder Kit

A satellite dish has two main alignment adjustments, the azimuth which is the left to right or east to west position and the other adjustment is the elevation which is the up and down tilt of the dish. Using the compass you can set the azimuth to the correct value, for example 28.2 degrees east of south for Astra 2D, this is the Sky / Freesat satellite. The elevation is then adjusted to the correct value using the scale on the dish bracket if it has one. If there is no scale then you can copy another satellite dish close by or simply use trial and error. If you initially set the azimuth correctly using the compass then the elevation is an easy adjustment. Failure to set the azimuth correctly will cause you to align the dish on the wrong satellite. When you have set the approximate position of the dish you can use the satellite signal meter to peak the signal and correct minor errors in your azimuth adjustment. The signal meter has a backlit display and an audible tone to assist alignment. The higher the tone the stronger the signal.


  • Satellite signal meter with moving coil meter, backlit display and audible alignment tone
  • Military style compass with fold down lid
  • External battery pack for self powering of the LNB for alignment, (more on this later)
  • Power attachment cable for the battery pack to power the LNB
  • LNB patch lead to connect the LNB to the signal meter
  • Flip storage box

PROCEDURE for Using Satellite Finder Kit

  • Connect the meter lead from the Satellite LNB to the "To LNB" Connection on the satellite finder
  • Connect the satellite cable coming from the satellite receiver toh teh "To Rec" input on the satellite finder
  • Make sure your satellite receiver is on. The satellite Meter LED should be on (powered by the satellite receiver) and give a reading of around 2.
  • Set the satellite dish to roughly the correct angle and direction e.g. Astra 2 satellite is found at 21 degrees elevation and 141 degrees on the compass (slight variation depending on what part of Ireland you are in).
  • Set the satellite finder's scale to reading to about 5 by adjusting the control level found on the face of the satellite dish (clockwise turning with increase the reading)
  • Peak the signal by slowly turning the elevation and direction of the dish. If the satellite meter reading tops the scale reduce the reading to 5 (by adjusting the level control) and continue to adjust until peak position is found.
  • Verify on the satellite receiver that you have tuned the satellite dish to the correct satellite by switching to / tuning in a channel e.g. BBC 1 on the Astra 2 satellite.
  • Remove the meter lead and satellite finder and connect the LNB to the satellite cable coming from your dish.


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