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Satellite & Terrestrial Combiner PRO (Indoor)

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DESCRIPTION of Satellite & Terrestrial Combiner

This product is designed for Combining or Splitting Satellite & TV Aerial signals. Usually, 2 of these are used per installation. One at the dish and aerial, this allows your satellite and aerial signals to be combined into one cable. Then one is used at the receiver (usually a combo) where you connect the single cable, and split your satellite & TV aerial signal into your receiver.

Note: For outdoor use we highly recommend the outdoor TV/Sat combiner as they have much higher isolation.


Frequency range (SAT)

950 - 2150 MHz

Frequency range (terr.)

5-68 + 120-862 MHz

Insertion loss (SAT)

< 2 dB

Insertion loss (terr.)

< 2 dB

Isolation (SAT/terr)

> 20 dB

Isolation (terr/SAT)

> 18 dB


Brand may vary, but goods will serve the same purpose.

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