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Panasonic PR-13 Hearing Aid Batteries - 6 Pack

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Zinc Air - PR13

Panasonic PR13 orange hearing aid batteries have a size 13 and 7.9mm x 5.4mm. These batteries are ideal for BTE (behind the ear) and ITE (in the ear) hearing aids. The batteries have an average lifespan of 6 to 14 days.


Lightweight and ultra-compact for hearing aid

PR13 product benefits

  • Ideal for new generation digital hearing aids
  • Comfortable, light and provides a steady level of power
  • No mercury added
  • Reliable power in various temperature conditions

Air as base for power

The production of Zinc Air batteries by Panasonic started in Japan in 1985. In a zinc air PR13 battery from Panasonic, oxygen from the environment is the basis to generate voltage. We used air as an electrode, while in the battery itself there is an electrolyte and a porous zinc electrode that allows air to flow through. The batteries can not be used in sealed appliances where air can not get inside because of this process. The generation of electricity starts when the seal is removed.


The ZINC AIR batteries type PR13 can be used in the following types of hearing aids:

  • BTE (behind-the-ear)
  • ITE (in-the-ear)


Before putting the batteries in the hearing aid, wait at least 30 seconds. A ZINC AIR battery that has not been used yet, has a sticker on the backside for closing off the battery. The battery is not activated until the sticker is removed. When you remove the sticker, air can flow into the battery and automatically the battery will be activated. Also before closing the battery compartment of the hearing aid, wait at least 30 seconds up to 1 minute to let the battery breath. When you do this, the lifetime of the battery can be prolonged extensively.


Product code PR-13(48)
Size PR13
Technology Zinc Air
Voltage 1,4V
Diameter 7,9 mm
Weight 0,83 g
Shelf Life 3 year(s)

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