ATK-LOG LTE 10m Cable SMA MIMO 800-2170MHz

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The ATK-LOG LTE logarithmic antenna is designed to receive signals in GSM / DCS / UMTS / HSDPA / LTE systems operating in the 800-2170 MHz band.
Attached to the card or modem, it allows to improve the signal quality in relation to the antennas built into this type of device.
The antenna has an integrated cable with a length of 10 meters, terminated with SMA plug.
The antenna is designed to work with LTE modems (equipped with two antenna connectors), telephones and modems: GSM, DCS, 3G.
MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) - a solution that increases the throughput of a wireless network, consisting in multi-antenna transmission on both the transmitting and receiving sides.

Distinguishing features:
- External, logarithmic, directional,
- MIMO 2x2,
- Broadband: 800-2170 MHz,
- Operation in networks: GSM, DCS, UMTS, LTE,
- Gain up to 5 dBi,
- Antenna short-circuited for direct current (DC),
- VSWR coefficient <4,
- 10 m cable terminated with SMA plug,
- Mounting to the mast with u-bolts,