ATK-LOG ALP LTE MIMO 2x2 5m SMA 800-3000MHz

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The cable coming from the antenna is 5 meters long and is terminated with an SMA plug
The set includes two the same antennas (a set), one antenna should be mounted vertically and the other horizontally.
The ATK-LOG ALP LTE MIMO antenna is intended for use in GSM / DCS / UMTS / HSDPA / LTE telephony systems operating in the 800-3000 MHz band.
It perfectly solves the common problem of the lack of signal in the place where a modem is installed with a GSM / UMTS / LTE card.
In such a situation, it is usually enough to attach an antenna to the modem to obtain a sufficient signal.
Additionally, the antenna has an integrated 5-meter cable terminated with an SMA plug.
The antenna is designed to work with LTE modems (equipped with two antenna connectors), telephones and modems: GSM, DCS, 3G.

MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) - a solution that increases the throughput of a wireless network, consisting in multi-antenna transmission on both the transmitting and receiving sides.

Technical specifications:
Band: 800-3000 MHz,
Gain: up to 9 dBi,
2x 5m cable,
SMA plug,
VSWR: max 1.7,
MIMO technique,
DC short-circuited,