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3 Way Manual HDMI Switch

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Description of the Manual 3 Way HDMI Switch


  • Supports 12-bit Deep Color and full 1080P, retaining the crispy clear images
  • Supports with HDMI 1.3b.
  • High performance up to 2.5Gbps.
  • Computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 are easily achieved.
  • Mini size so it doesn’t occupy much space
  • No power adapter required.
  • Certified by CE, FCC.


  • Input: 3 Port
  • Color: Black
  • Output: 1 Port
  • Dimensions - 65 x 65 x 10 mm approx.

How To Connect and Operate the HDMI Switch

  • Run a HDMI lead from the HDMI 'Output' port on the back Selector to your TV
  • Connect each HDMI appliances to the a different HDMI 'Input' on the back of the selector
  • Now switch on the TV & select the HMDI input option
  • THAT IS IT ! - you can now select the device you want by pressing input 1, 2 or 3 on the switch (No remote)


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