Online Pricing Policy

Dear Customers,
At Satworld, our commitment to our customers is to offer convenience and product availability online at most competitive prices. We may also offer merchandise at promotional prices from time to time.  
Please understand that our online price may differ from the price in store, as we have to face competition with online only traders.  Because we are the most committed to supporting our customers we have to face high cost of operating Dublin based business premises and a number of dedicated professional support staff.
We may offer merchandise online at the same price at which it is offered in Satworld stores.  However, in some cases, the prices will be different because the website and stores may choose to offer items at different prices or may run different promotional events at different times. Additionally, online shop may offer a product, price or promotion that is not available in the retail stores.
Should you wish to avail of online special offers, please order online, or if intend to collect it from store – enquire by email or call us 01 4924011 to check the latest instore price for you intended purchase.
Thank you for your understanding.
The Satworld Team.