HiBoost Hi13-EGSM 2G GSM Mobile Signal Booster

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Hi13-EGSM 2G GSM Mobile Signal Booster

This low cost mobile signal booster is great for those who only want to receive great GSM signal (calls and texts) within their home, office or business. It's suitable for all Irish mobile networks and is extremely easy to install.

Networks : EGSM/ UMTS 900

Coverage : up to 300 - 500 square meters

Max.Gain : 65 dB

  • 5 bar guarantee
  • Smart LCD & auto set up
  • Fully CE RED Certified

The Hi13-EGSM cell phone signal booster integrates the most powerful consumer boosting technology with user-friendly LCD display and smart auto set-up. Enjoy smooth signal reception in your home or office up to 300-500 square meters!


Working Bands

900 MHz

UL Frequency Range


DL Frequency Range


Supported Standards




Maximum Gain

65 db

MGC (Step Attenuation)

≥ 31 db/ 1 db step

Intelligent AGC

ALC ≥42dB
ISO ≥42dB

Gain Flatness

Typical≤5dB (p-p)

Noise Figure @ Max. System Gain


Group Delay


Frequency Stability


Power Supply

Input AC 90~240 V, 50/60 Hz, Output DC 5V/3A

Power Consumption



50 ohm

LCD Display

Frequency, Gain, Output Power, ALC, ISO indicators

I/O port



120*155*34 mm/ 4.7*6.1*1.3 inch

Booster Weight

0.7KG/ ≤1.5 lbs

Booster Kit Weight

3.75 KG

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity

5% – 95%

Barometric Pressure

55 kPa -106 kPa

Environment Condition


Whats included:

Every HiBoost solution comes carefully arranged in a full kit with all the installation components.

HiBoost Hi13-EGSM standard kit includes:

  • Mobile signal booster
  • Outdoor panel antenna
  • Antenna
  • 50ft (15.2 m) HiBoost 200 cable
  • 5V/ 3A, AC/DC power supply
  • Power Plug

Datasheet (Hi13-EGSM_Datasheet.pdf, 842 Kb) [Download]