Global Invacom Fibre IRS LNBm Universal MKI LNB 925004

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Part 925004
- Converts all 4 universal IF bands to a single optical output (H/H - H/L - V/H - V/L = single optical output).
- Capable of supplying all converted signals to 32 distribution points spread over a 10 kilometre radius.
- 40 mm Feed Horn.
The GI FibreMDU Optical Output LNB radically changes how satellite IF signals are dealt with compared with conventional universal LNBs. This innovative new design uses patented technology to frequency stack both horizontal and vertical polarities, creating a single IF frequency range of 950MHz - 5,45GHz. The newly created single band is then frequency modulated optically and output using a 1310nm laser internal to the Optical Output LNB.
Powered separately the Optical LNB takes the required <450mA from a standard 12V supply utilising a standard female F type connector. Fibre connection is made via a standard FC/PC connector feeding the distribution network on single mode fibre optic cable. With an optical output +7dBm the GI FibreMDU Optical Output LNB is easily capable of driving up to 32 GI FibreMDU converters located within a 10km radius.
Input frequency - 10,7 - 12,75 GHz (H and V)
Output frequency - 950MHz - 5,45GHz, modulated laser output 1310 nm
Optical output power - 7dBm nominal at 25°C, +/-2dBm over full temperature range
Noise figure - 0,5 - 1,3 dB (depends on ambient temperature)
Gain - 62 - 72 dB (at room temperature)
Gain variation - +/- 2dB (-30 - +60°C)
Gain flatness - 5dB per band (0,95 - 5,45GHz)
Gain ripple - The gain ripple per 26MHz bandwidth must be less than +/-0,5dB
Phase noise - Offset frequency - Maximum limit: 1KHz - -55dBc/Hz, 10KHz - -80dBc/Hz, 100KHz - -100dBc/Hz, 1MHz - -110dBc/Hz
Local oscillator stability - Condition - Max variation from nominal freq. Initial setting +/-1MHz. Temp. drift (-40 - +60°C) +/-2MHz. Aging and total drift (10 year life) +/-4MHz
Current consumption - < 450mA
Image rejection - 40dB min.
Cross polar isolation - min. 25dB, typ. 30dB
Output connectors - DC Input - F-connector (female), Optical output - FC/PC
Supply voltage - 12V
Spurious output - (after recovering modulation) in band (950MHz - 3GHz, 3,4GHz - 5,45GHz) -25dBc
Temperature range - -30 - +60°C operating, -40 - +70°C storage
Dish and LNB mechanical interface - 40mm clamp

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