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Amiko Gbox V2000 positioner

Amiko Gbox V2000 positioner
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Description of Original Amiko Gbox V2000 positioner
  • Compatible with all DiSEqC 1.2 receivers
    Compatible with all types of actuator and mounting H.H
    99 programmable positions
    3 digit LED display
    22-Button Infrared Remote Control
    Positions satellite dishes up to 3m
    EAST / WEST buttons for better reception
    Retrieve satellite positions with 3 control buttons on the front panel
    Overload protection and wrong wiring
    Re-synchronization function


    Power supply voltage: 230 VAC + -10% / 50Hz
    Output voltage: 36VDC
    Maximum Output Current: 3A
    Maximum power consumption: 90W
    Maximum diameter of satellite dish: 3m
    Protocol: DiSEqC 1.2
    Satellite positions: 99
    Display: 3 digit LED
    Manual Buttons: Manuals, EAST / WEST
    Protection: Software Limit Protection, Electrical Overload Protection

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